People, Vermont, New England USA

Native Sons & Daughters

The first “Vermonters” The Native American in Vermont

James Angell Educator, psychologist

Chester A. Arthur US President

Orson Bean Star of stage, screen and television

“Snowflake” Bentley Creativity during those long Vermont winters

Hiram Bingham Missionary to Hawaii, Bible translator

Myra Colby Bradwell First woman attorney

Calvin Coolidge US President

John Deere Inventor of “The Plow That Broke The Plains”

John Dewey Philsopher, author, educator

Stephen A. Douglas US Statesman

Ralph Flanders Businessman, US Senator

Martin Freeman First African-American College President

Henry M. Leland Automotive Innovator, founder of Cadillac and Lincoln

George Perkins Marsh Linguist, legislator, diplomat, seminal environmentalist.

Justin Smith Morrill Friend of higher education

Justin Morgan His name lives on in Vermont’s State Animal

Joseph Smith LDS Church founder

Thaddeus Stevens Abolitionist, US Congressman

Alexander Twilight first African-American to receive a degree from an American College.

Rudy Vallee Singing heartthrob. Stage, screen and radio star

William Griffith Wilson Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous

Caroline Ardelia Yale Educator of the deaf

Brigham Young Early LDS Church Leader

Transplants and Others Closely Associated

Ethan Allen Revolutionary War leader, founding father

Ira Allen Land speculator, surveyor, founding father

Thomas Chittenden Founding Father, First Governor

Edwin L. Drake “Father” of the petroleum industry.

Robert Frost Poet, teacher.

Hetty Green Variously “The Pride and Pain of Bellows Falls” and “The Witch of Wall Street”. Either way, she was the richest woman in America.

Paul P. Harris Founder of Rotary International

Lemuel Haynes First African-American Pastor of a white Congregation in America.

Samuel Herrick Revolutionary War leader

Norman Rockwell Illustrator

John Stark Revolutionary War leader

Molly Stark Who was she, and and why are so many things named after her?

Ann Story “Mother of The Green Mountain Boys”

Theodore Newton Vail First President of AT&T

Royall Tyler Lawyer, jurist, educator, author, playwright.

Seth Warner Revolutionary War leader

Horace Wells Dentist, anesthesia pioneer

Benning Wentworth If it hadn’t been for him . . .

Daphne Zuniga TV and film actress