Beecher Falls, Vermont, New England USA

About Beecher Falls, Vermont

Village in the town of Canaan, Essex County

Coordinates (Geographic Center): N 71° 30′ W 45°00′
Census Info: County State

The most northeasterly community in the state, astride both the Connecticut River and the US-Canada border.

The village takes its name from the Beecher Manufacturing Company, which located there in the 1880’s to take advantage of the falls. The mill generated sufficient business activity to warrant a post office which is still in operation.


Goings-on in and near Beecher Falls
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Contact Info

Emergency Services (Statewide): 911
Hospital: North Country Hospital & Health Care (Newport) 802-334-7331

Canaan Town Clerk: Noreen Labrecque PO Box 159 Canaan, VT 05903
M-F 9-3


Notes about utilities:

  • One electric or phone company indicates that company serves the entire town. More than one of either indicates each serves different areas of town.
  • A listed cable company MIGHT mean the entire town is covered, but not necessarily. More than one listed indicates each serves different areas of town.
  • Unless your area is one served by Vermont’s only gas utility, your only option is bottled gas (any dealer).
    Cable White Moutain Cable 603-331-0000
    Electric Vermont Electric Co-op 800-832-2667
    Telephone Fairpoint 866-984-2001