Emily’s Covered Bridge, Stowe, Vermont

Emily’s Stowe


(a/k/a Stowe Hollow, Gold Brook)
John N. Smith, c1844

Howe Truss, 50′, spanning Gold Brook on Covered Bridge Road, 1.2 miles up Gold Brook Road from Route 100. The only Howe road bridge in Vermont.

There are at least three dramatic stories about how the name “Emily’s Bridge” came about:

– (Date unknown) Emily was on her way to her wedding when her horse bolted and threw her while crossing the bridge; she died of her injuries.

– Sometime in the 1800’s, Emily was jilted by her fiancé and hung herself from the rafters.

– In 1925, homely Emily fell in love with Donald, who got her pregnant. When her father insisted that he marry her, Donald killed himself here. Following the birth of twins, Emily did the same.

Whatever the truth behind the name, there are numerous “eyewitness” accounts of continued haunting of the bridge, supposedly by Emily’s ghost.

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