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Village (Big Eddy) Bridge
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About Waitsfield, Vermont

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Washington County
Chartered: February 25, 1782 (Vermont Charter)
Area: 16,588 Acres = 25.92 Square Miles [ Size Rank: 211* ]
Coordinates (Geographic Center): N 44° 12' W 72°49'
Altitude: 800 feet ASL
Population (US Census, 2010): 1,719 [ Population Rank: 101* ]
Population Density (persons per square mile): 66.3 [ Density Rank: 66* ]
Full Census Info: Town
  County  State

*Area, Population and Density rankings refer to Waitsfield's relative position among Vermont's 255 civic entities (9 cities, 242 towns, 4 gores and grants). Complete rankings are here.

The chief grantee and later owner of over half the town was Benjamin Wait (sometimes Waite), one of seven brothers, all of whom were born in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and eventually became involved with the affairs of the New Hampshire Grants. Another brother, Joseph, is commemorated in the name of Waits River in Bradford.

Benjamin entered military service under General Jeffery Amherst. He fought throughout the French and Indian wars, was taken captive by the French, and later took part in the capture of Louisbourg and the reduction of the French garrisons in the west. Apparently what he saw on his many trips through the north country attracted him to the area. In 1767 he became one of the first settlers in Windsor, Vermont, where he was living when the grant was made for Waitsfield. In 1789 he moved to the town that bears his name. Then fifty-two years old, he had fought through the Revolution, being a brigadier general at the close of the war.

For thirty-three years General Wait took an active part in all the affairs of Waitsfield. He died at the age of eighty-five, and is buried in the village cemetery, very near the spot where he had built his first house.

Material excerpted or adapted from Esther Munroe Swift's
Vermont Place-Names: Footprints of History
with the author's permission

Activities & Points of Interest

Goings-on in and near Waitsfield
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Waitsfield Historical Society

Covered Bridges (With Google Maps and satellite images):
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Contact Info

Emergency Services (Statewide): 911
Hospital: Central Vermont Medical Center (Berlin) 802-229-9121
Town Clerk:  Jennifer Peterson 4144 Main St Waitsfield, VT 05673
 M-F 8-4:30

Churches, Ministries, Charitables

Episcopal : St. Dunstan 802-531-8190
Roman Catholic : Our Lady of the Snows

United Church of Christ : United Church of Christ


Washington West Supervisory Union 802-496-2272
Waitsfield Elementary School 802-496-3643

Neighboring Towns

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Fayston Waitsfield


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