William G. Wilson
(1895 - 1971)

Born in East Dorset.

An excessive drinker on the verge of ruin, "Bill" in 1934 experienced a spiritual conviction that he could rid himself of alcoholism by helping other alcoholics.

Having successfully counselled a fellow sufferer, "Doctor Bob S."*, he instituted the well-known self-help group Alcoholics Anonymous.

"AA" meetings are still held in East Dorset's Wilson House, the hotel once run by Bill's mother and in which he was born. A non-profit organization, it still functions as a lodging and eating facility, supported largely by contribution.

*Doctor Bob (Robert Holbrook Smith, 1879-1950) was also a native Vermonter, born in St. Johnsbury. His boyhood home is now a drug and alochol abuse treatment center.

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