After graduating from Rutgers University, Edward Gordon pursued a career as a Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania. 

An avid skier and hiker, Gordon was drawn to northern New Hampshire, particularly the White Mountains, and he moved to the Franconia area in 1973. His painting career began after attending a class in which he created and sold three pieces. In 1980, after much encouragement from his well-received early works, Gordon made the bold step to leave the security of a 9-to-5 job to fulfill a life-long dream and dedicate his time and energy to painting.

Edward Gordon has received many awards and honors including: The Artists Magazine May 1995 Cover Competition, first prize in the landscape division of The Artists Magazine 1993 art competition, and finalist in the 1994 Arts for the Parks competition. Gordon was named Painter of the Year by the Spotlight Magazine's 1997/98 Reader's Choice Awards in Portsmouth, NH. Gordon's work has also appeared in the November 1983 American Artist Magazine; the 1994 North Light publication Enliven Your Paintings with Light; 1996 North Light publication Artist's Materials; and the January 1997 issue of Yankee Magazine

Gordon now lives in Mendocino, California.

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The paintings of Edward Gordon are technically correct while the visions created take on a surrealistic quality. Although the subject matter can be radically different from painting to painting, his inspiration is always the light.

Autumn Afternoon
Giclée on paper, reproduced from the original alkyd painting
The Porch, 1987

18.5" x 15" (400 s/n, 40 AP $250/$280)
7" x 5.6" (Signed open edition $40)

Corner Room
Giclée on paper

5.7"x7" signed only $45

Most representations are of early morning or sunset. Gordon's formidable technique, the smoothness and sheen of his surfaces, the meticulous detail and desolate emptiness speak of a personal vision. 

"It is my desire to have the viewer's mind drift into the imaginary space I create without being aware of the surface of the painting. My goal as an artist is to make paintings that arouse deep, mystical feelings in the viewer"

Still Waters
Giclée on paper

5"x7" signed only $45

Prices subject to change without notice 

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