Biking in Vermont

A Tour of The Northest Kingdom:

There are many “loops” for day rides, inn-to-inn routes, and challenging places for mountain biking. No matter which direction you choose to go, you will find something of interest.

Below are listed a few of the more popular routes in the immediate area. However, the possibilities are hardly limited to these. It is a good idea to plan your trip ahead and make sure you have clear directions.(And a quarter for a phone call!)

From West Burke:

Starting from the middle of East Burke, travel north on Route 114. Continue north until you reach Island Pond. Make that your destination and swim at Brighton State Park Beach, or continue north on 114 to Route111, turn left onto Route 111. This will take you to Lake Seymore at Morgan. For a shorter ride,cross the river in East Burke and ride to West Burke. From West Burke , follow Route 5 north. LaPlant’s Sugar House is on the right a few miles outside of West Burke Village. Continue North on Route 5 for a bit, then take a left turn right before the “old mill”. The road on the left goes under a railroad track,the overpass is your landmark.This road will take you to Sutton Ridge.

Continue across the Ridge, past the Don-Sim II farm, down to the village of Sutton. Stay on the paved road on the left,and head up the hill in front of you. You will pass the Don-Sim III, where they have a rotary milking parlor. If you pass by at milking time , you are welcome to come in and watch the process.

As you pass the farms, the road will go down a long hill . There is a railroad crossing and an intersection just before you get to the Village again. Turn left when you cross the tracks,Then right at the stop sign.You may wish to stop at any of the stores in the Village before you head back to East Burke. From West Burke, you may either return to East Burke the way you came,or you may follow Route 5 south to Lyndonville, then back to East Burke on Route 114.

Another great loop takes you past two lakes. From East Burke, cross the river and ride to West Burke. Then follow Route 5A to Westmore and Willoughby Lake. The road follows the lake,so you will ride past the full length. The views are beautiful, and the road is well maintained. There are a few places to stop, if you wish, to take in the scenery. Stop at Northern Exposure and take in sustenance, too!

At the north end of the lake, turn left and follow Route 16 into Barton. Take some time to explore the Village. Pierce’s Pharmacy has a great old fashioned soda fountain! You may also wish to stop at Crystal Lake State Park and go for a swim.

Just past the Lake as you enter the center of the Village of Barton, turn left to return to West Burke. Route 5 south will take you back to your starting point. You may also try traveling to Barton on Route 5 West Burke, then turning left at the corner of town in front of Pierce’s Pharmacy and traveling on Route 16 through Glover. You can stop at the Busy Bee for a quick lunch, then continue through town to the intersection of Route 16 and Route122. Turn left at the cemetery. You will pass Bread and Puppet Theatre and Museum, a world-renowned traveling theatre group. The Museum is open most of the time, so just walk in . There is a box for donations at the door.

Continue along Route 122 through Sheffield and back through Wheelock. The road will bring you back to Lyndonville, where you will see Route 114 North, which brings you back to East Burke.