About Virtual Vermont

On May 16, 1997, Virtual Vermont Internet Magazine changed hands. 

Its originator had long felt a call to devote his time to ministry, and decided to sell to me. Despite other offers, he believed that I “had a heart” for the project, and would preserve it. I appreciate his trust.

I transplanted myself from Poughkeepsie, New York to Burlington in 1970 for a radio job: I’ve done that (on and off, full- and part-time) as well as freelance announcing (radio and TV commercials, narrating long-form “industrial” videos and interactive CD-ROMs) ever since, including six years as staff announcer at Vermont ETV(Vermont Public Television). For “real-life” work, eighteen years in a Federal Contracting office, for better-than-average administrative experience and a couple of awards for computer programs I developed. I was Principal Designer and Site Manager of Virtual Vermont Internet Magazine for over a year before we purchased it.

My wife, the former Mary Coffin of Burlington (by way of Randolph, Vermont and Woodsville, New Hampshire) is Marketing Director. She has a long list of successes in sales (Contel Cellular, Telstar Communications), promotions (Vermont Golden Gloves, Chamber mixers, organizing hot air balloon weddings [including our own]), sales management (the former Telstar Communications) and plain old community involvement (having been very active with the Burlington Boys & Girls Club for a number of years). She is very much a “people person”. If you’re in the market for what we have to offer, you will enjoy working with her.

If you’re a visitor, thanks for stopping by. We hope you’ll find Virtual Vermont Internet Magazine interesting enough to come back again (at the very least, promising enough to take another look in the future). We’ve got some new things coming along nicely.

No matter who you are, if you have a suggestion, please let us know

Above all, we give thanks to the Lord God for His promises, His faithfulness, His blessings, His Son and ours. We were entrusted with Caleb Matthew on April 28, 1998 and Joseph Matthew on November 11, 1999.